Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rob “the metal guy” Rants About Metal #13

    For this rant, the beginning topic will be more about hard rock based than metal. Also, the band I will be discussing is my all-time favorite band...Rush, so I will really be expressing my honest opinions.

    Saturday August 1st in Los Angeles, California, was the final date of the Rush R40 tour. The band had put together a stunning tour of North America that I was lucky enough to catch when they came to my area. However, once the tour ended and even before, the internet rumor mill started spinning about saying that this would probably be the end for Rush. Even though the band has not explicitly stated that the R40 was the last official tour and there has yet to be an official press release saying the band is done, I have read articles inferring that the Canadian trio is packing it up. When will these rock and metal websites learn?!

    Well, Alex Lifeson during an interview with Eddie Trunk, finally made a statement to shut everyone up about the band being finished. Alex stated during the interview with Eddie Trunk that, “Whatever this tour is, it's not the end of the band.” So, there you have it people. Rush is not done! If you listen to the interview and hear what Alex has to say, he explains that the band is just becoming aware of what they might be capable of doing in the future because of their age. You really need to read the language of his statements and notice there is no clear cut phrase that says Rush is stopping. Over the years Rush has developed a strong bond with their fans, and would make sure to communicate in a direct manner that they are making a major career decision such as to possibly retire. Rush would not do some article with an elitist piece of crap magazine like Rolling Stone and then just tell their fans to deal with it.

    Okay, moving on before I write an extremely long rant about the flaws of Rolling Stone. Anyone here notice Corey Taylor tends to make statements that receive unbelievable rock/metal media press coverage? Look at what I am doing right now! After reading him make a comment saying how pop music is pretty much equal to complete garbage and then how young metal fans don’t care about the roots of the genre, I feel some need to analyze and discuss his statements. I agree one-hundred percent about his comments on pop music. In an interview with, Taylor said, “You might as well be listening to a fucking piece of wood at that point.” Such an unapologetic and truthful statement. Also, he does a great job pointing out where the mainstream music business is going. Is Corey Taylor running for president? I might vote for him...

    Hold on, I do not agree with everything the guy has to say. His comment on about how younger metal fans don’t care about the genre’s roots was very disappointing. I know plenty of young metal fans who care about the old music as much as the new music. To me Corey Taylor needs to be careful about trying to analyze the entire young metal population. I have gone to shows and talked with young fans who enjoy bands like Rush, Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, Atheist, Carnivore and then started telling me about the new up and coming local bands. I myself am only twenty-three and enjoy a variety of hard rock and heavy metal both new and old. So, I hope Corey Taylor understands there are young metal fans who do care about the genre’s older groups, and are at the same time passionate about the new bands. Maybe he has experienced too many internet trolls and needs to make his way down to more local metal shows to better understand the current young metal culture.

    Well, I hope you were all able to read this long essay of a rant. I should buy you all a drink for reading this whole damn entry. Make sure to comment below if you have anything to add to the discussion. Cheers! -Rob “the metal guy” 

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  1. You can really rant when you want to!

    Good job Metal Guy.