Sunday, August 16, 2015

Deathrite "Revelation of Chaos"

    Crushing dark jams conjured into existence by some extreme musicians from Dresden, Germany. Deathrite is a band that takes a little death metal, grindcore and hardcore to punk to achieve their brutal casket smashing sound.

    The band’s newest offering, “Revelation of Chaos,” is a morbid world of vicious riffs and intense instrumental speed demons. You get that old Swedish death metal sound which is reminiscent of bands like Entombed and Dismember. There is even hints of that classic grindcore sound that falls into the same category as bands like Napalm Death and Bolt Thrower. Overall, this album is an unapologetic straightforward hard hitting release. They are very consistent and maintain a style that does not tail off into random musical directions. Once locked into one of their brutal pieces of super charged sounding death, there is no stopping this band!

     Kicking off the album is the destructive doom piece, “Melting Skies.” Right after the band hits listeners with a slamming track called, “Circle of Destruction.” The intense sludge death grind quality is very prominent. Also, the songs tend to fall around your two to four minute range. For average length metal tracks, the band seems to pack a mighty punch with bold heaviness. This is definitely a riff driven album, but the main drum and bass rhythms on this album offer an explosive spark of dark energy. “Determinate to Rot,” was one song that caught my attention with its hellish vocally delivery and massive sounding guitar riffs. The production and audio quality is very strong and allows Deathrite to present the music with their own distinct sound.

    There are some other noticeable tracks I would like to mention like “Toxic Hammer” and “Swords and Revolt.” I especially enjoyed “Toxic Hammer,” which contained a mix of hardcore punk and brutal sounding old school death metal. This band relentlessly and in a commanding fashion, paints a toxic head crushing picture with vivid lyrics and heavy sounding riffs.

    Now, I never felt that this album became boring towards the end, but I did notice that Deathrite played their style of music very safe. These guys are consistent and do not search new musical thresholds. Compared to the other bands who play this style, Deathrite’s sound is really solid and the recording quality helps make them sound above the usual amateur level. Still, this is an album that you will either overly enjoy, or find to be no different than the other death grind releases that seem to keep popping up year after year.

    In the end, I recommend Deathrite’s “Revelation of Chaos” for fans who want a nonstop brutal assault of extreme music. As I said in the beginning of this review, they have a casket smashing sound...That sounds pretty damn metal right?!

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