Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Vorzug "Call of the Vultures"

    Death, black, thrash or call it down right brutal music. Arizona based extreme metal band Vorzug attempts to persuade the crazy headbangers and frighten away the wholesome church going folks.
    Their debut full-length album, “Call of the Vultures,” is dripping with gory blackened death riffs, intense head crushing drum rhythms and the death growls of utter brutality. I reviewed a single they released a little while back and remember the track instantly catching my attention. Unlike some bands who try to become the next Morbid Angel or Suffocation and flat out fail, I can tell when listening to Vorzug that these dudes just want to play some vicious sounding music.
    The opening track, “At Winters End,” started out with this cool triumphant sounding guitar lead. Overall, the song was very diverse and featured a variety of compositions that varied in tempo and aggression. There were some mellow sounding doom like parts and then you had those face smashing death metal cuts.
    Now, track number two, “Duct Tape Rapist,” was an interesting track because I thought I was listening to Macabre or some other death grind band that creates shocking song titles. In true death grind fashion the song was only 27 seconds long. The music exploded with a furious onslaught of noise and soon faded for the next track, “Her Screams.” I thought that maybe the two songs were connected based on the titles of the songs. However, I could still not get over the title for track number two. These guys are more shocking and controversial than most of your stand up comics these days!
    “I Am in Hell,” is the track I already reviewed for this blog, so you people can read my thoughts on that track by searching the old archives (I’m too lazy to describe it again, so yeah...). Song number five, “Silent Emotions,” is in my opinion where the album gets really interesting and seems to develop a solid sound. Also, the recording for this track was spot on. I liked how the band incorporated the guitar solo into the song which added a dash of excitement.
    For songs six and seven, “Making You Bleed” and “The Howling,” I felt the band threw in more thrash riffs. To be honest I like the death thrash sound over the blackened thrash, but in the end I think Vorzug is smart for keeping their sound diverse. Song seven, “Slumber Party Massacre,” is by far my favorite song. Vorzug sounded down right brutal and will probably scare any teenage girls who happen to hear the song.
    To wrap the album up Vorzug offered the song, “Broken Dreams.” Their songwriting skills were probably the most creative on this song and I liked the arrangements. However, it still could not beat out, “Slumber Party Massacre.”
    Is this style of music new? No! Did I enjoy the album? Yeah, I think this band has some solid songs and the recording on each song sounded pretty good. I especially found the song titles interesting and would pay to see the faces on my uptight professors if they read certain song titles from this album. For those who like extreme blackened death with a bloody splash of thrash, check this album out! If you are not already sold on the song, “Slumber Party Massacre,” I don’t know what else to say...

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