Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kaledon "Chapter IV: Twilight of the Gods"

    For anyone looking to hear Game of Thrones type lyrics and epic power metal music, I found another band besides Rhapsody of Fire that can make your metal dreams come true. Italy’s Kaledon offers listeners intense melodic pieces of power metal music with their album, “Chapter IV: Twilight of the Gods.”
    Originally recorded in 2006 by Giuseppe Orlando, the album has been remastered by Mr. Orlando and features a couple re-recorded tracks by Kaledon’s current line-up. Scarlet Records is releasing the new version and there is even some new album artwork for the updated release.
    Now, just because the album is remastered and there is some new art work doesn’t mean the songs have changed much. This was the first time I have ever heard any music from the band, so for me as a new listener, it was like listening to something brand new. First off, the band definitely goes for that epic speed/power metal vibe that you hear from bands like Rhapsody of Fire or Blind Guardian. The album starts out with a brief dialogue between a knight talking to his lord about going into battle which seems to play into the album’s whole medieval fantasy based theme.
    I found the opening track, “The Holy Water,” to be a creative and very epic sounding song. The melodic lead guitar parts are skillfully pieced out throughout the track and the band’s singer has a fairly strong voice. Compared to some power metal singer’s I felt Kaledon’s vocalist didn’t force the high notes as often. Still, there are those falsetto screams that then make way for some blistering guitar and keyboard leads.
    The album continues the power metal siege with the songs, “Hell on Earth” and “War Plans.” Before each song starts out, you hear the sounds of soldiers moving around and horses making noise. I found the incorporation of those brief sounds to strengthen the albums battle like concept. You feel as if you are listening to a battle being fought with the narration being epic heavy metal music. The keyboard player in the band is very virtuosic and seems to really know how to inject some technical symphonic moments into the songs.
    As much as this band can write intense power metal tracks, they do slow down and create really beautiful sounding recordings. “Goodbye My Friend,” is one track that stood out because of the song’s strong emotional tone. The whole musical landscape flows and serves as a pleasant break from the rapid fire tracks. “Into the Fog,” is another one of my favorite tracks on this album. The recording is quite impressive and has a bombastic cinematic tone.
    Overall, the album remains fairly consistent towards the end. You have plenty more fast galloping power metal riffs and grand melodic choruses. “Out of the Ground,” was a suitable closing song since the music embodied what this band had to offer throughout the album.
    I believe this was a strong sounding album, but I do feel their brand of power metal was nothing different from some of the power metal bands I heard before. To become a highly recognized power metal band there is an important emphasis on captivating listener’s imaginations both musically and lyrically. I think Kaledon is a talented group who can possibly become more noticed in the genre if they keep working hard and continue to create impressive musical tales.

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