Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rob "the metal guy" Rants About Metal #4

    First off I bought the new Helloween album this past week and believe a video review is on the horizon. For now, I will focus my commentary on topics I noticed going on in the metal world.
    To begin, I thought I would bring up a humorous argument that went down on a band’s Facebook page. So, this death metal band that I consider to be one of the top up and coming bands in the genre, posted a video of a recent practice session to show the fans they are preparing to make a new album. Soon after posting the video on their page, a person decided to comment accusing the band of stealing a riff from the band that the person is involved in. Supposedly this person believes the band has heard their music before, so there must be an act of copying going on. I think death metal musicians arguing over stealing riffs is utterly hilarious. Why watch TV when I can read two parties banter back and forth about a stolen intro riff? If the band copied the entire song note for note maybe their is a case to bring up.  Also, going to court over the fact that an intro to a death metal song might have been ripped off, would really be a pathetic statement about our society. Stop your crying person making the claims that your riff was stolen. There are only so many damn notes in the western music scale that eventually something will sound similar!
    Next topic comes from an area that I feel like the metal world can’t stop talking about. The topic of how the record industry has declined seems to be very popular and can be applied to the current state of heavy metal. After listening to an interview that WSOU conducted with Alex Skolnick from Testament at some New England metal festival, I get the sense that the subject of industry decline is still relevant. Skolnick points out how major arena acts are doing fine, but the mid level bands really do struggle to make music a full time job. Major companies are investing massive amounts of money into big time acts that there is no hope for young metal bands.
     The music industry is just falling apart and the economic dilemmas that face young metal bands is truly a difficult situation to solve. However, young bands do have the opportunity to get their music heard on a larger scale via the internet, but they just won’t be able to pay the bills playing music. In a perfect world metal musicians would have a stable income stream, but of course, this is not a perfect world. Hopefully one day someone puts forth a fair economic system to help up and coming metal acts. I believe the passion and true enjoyment of the music keeps young metal bands chasing the dream. I wish I could take all the money that goes to those low pants wearing gibberish talking rappers and give it to the talented metal acts who know how to play instruments and write creative lyrics that just don’t talk about going to the clubs.
    That is it for this week. Hope no gibberish talking rap fans read this blog or I might need to walk down the streets with a bulletproof jacket on...  

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