Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rob "the metal guy" Rants About Metal #2

    After last week’s rant about various topics in hard rock and heavy metal...I’m back! Just like the Terminator will be back this Summer with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role as the unstoppable robotic killing force that would one day become Governor of California (I really can’t wait to watch the new film and then make fun of it).
    Well, looks like there is an official date for the new Slayer album. After seeing numerous photos of the band in studio and after hearing Kerry King always talk about how the new music is going to be kick ass like the donut he had that morning, there is an actual date for the album’s release. Titled “Repentless,” the new album is going to be released September 11 worldwide. Wow Slayer...putting out an album on September 11. I am not surprised and almost feel like Slayer is doing this to feel as though they are young and controversial. The only controversy that comes out of Slayer these days is the Blabbermouth drama between Dave Lombardo and Kerry King. Can’t wait to see the article where Dave Lombardo criticizes the new album’s title, or says that he will maybe rejoin the band if they ask him/pay him more. Musically, I will have to wait to form an opinion and shall approach the album with an open ear. However, the first two singles “Implode” and “When The Stillness Comes,” are far from reassuring that this new album will be a return to the glory days of Slayer as King has pimped the album out to be. I guess we will all find out if Slayer still has the ability to make great thrash metal music September 11.  
    Okay, time to talk about the future of hard rock and heavy metal. The band right now who I believe has the potential to take the metal world by storm is Night Demon. Unfortunately the government of Canada has denied them access into the country. Night Demon is currently touring across North America and this is a major inconvenience. I swear, this is not the first time a metal band has had a problem getting into Canada. The visa process sounds extremely tough, costly and bands have a hard time getting through customs. Wouldn’t Canada want American bands to come to their country to help their economy? Then again, it sounds like Night Demon is getting crap from their own country. According to the Night Demon Facebook page, the band was held by U.S. Customs and had their van searched for drugs. We will do a full blown search of a metal band’s vehicle for drugs, but probably let Taylor Swift or Katy Perry come back over the border with no problem. I am going to throw this out there, but I believe heavy metal bands are being discriminated against here. Where is the ACLU? Where is Obama? Where is the Justice League? An American band having a hard time trying to get back in their own country...This is outrageous!
    Final topic unless I find out that there is a new developing controversy in the hair metal world that I can shit on for another paragraph. So, I came across this advertisement for TesseracT’s new live album and DVD “Scala/Odyssey.” The album is available either in the form of CD/DVD, or vinyl/DVD. “Odyssey” was recorded during various stops during the bands European tour and “Scala” is a live video recording during a performance in Scala, London, UK. Personally, I enjoy TesseracT and think they are a brilliant band. They get labeled Djent, but I always thought that they were a band that blended progressive rock structures with certain heavy metal like qualities, thus I so cleverly call them a progressive metal band. Anyway, I really liked how the band is giving people a chance to check out the entire performance via youtube. So, before you buy the live album/DVD, you can preview the entire Scala performance. I left a link below for all you lazy people who can’t spend a couple minutes searching for it on youtube. Overall, I think this is a smart business decision that more bands should follow. Also, the live performance sounds amazing! The energy from this performance is perfectly captured and each instrument is heard building up the band’s unbelievable almost cinematic sound. Definitely an album I am looking to possibly purchase!
    That is it for this week! Next week I shall return with more topics and truthful opinions about the metal world!

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