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Interview with the Band: Blackened

 Here is an interview with the Brazilian Thrash band, "Blackened." Check out their EP, "Underground Attack." It will thrash your face off!!! \m/

Q: Hello guys! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Blackened: Hello! We do appreciate for the opportunity to doing this interview.

Q: So, I might as well begin with a question about your 2014 release, “Underground Attack,” which I reviewed not too long ago (a release that I must say sounds kick ass from start to finish). How pleased are you with the songs on that album? Could you talk about how you recorded the album? How long it took to record?

Blackened: We are very pleased with the outcome of the EP and with all the attention it has received after launch. The recording of the album was great, because we weren’t under pressure to record this. So, it was fine and in 12 hours we recorded the album.

Q: All the songs on “Underground Attack” are solid sounding crossover thrashing tracks in my opinion. However, if you were to pick one, what song is your favorite? Also, what song on the album does think was the most challenging to come up with?

Blackened: I guess our favorite song from “Underground Attack” is Extreme Violence, it still sounding so great when we play. The most challenging song was TxNxDx (Thrash Never Dies) mainly in the recording of the drums, guitars and vocals.

Q: I thought the lyrics on “Underground Attack” really had substance and vividly came alive during certain songs such as, “Third World.” What inspirations do you take from the world around you to write such powerful lyrics? Who usually writes the lyrics, or do you all contribute?

Blackened: “Third World” is especially based in all the corruption that controls Brazil, is in historic trouble and we are not pleased with it, we want changes, we want to live in a country that the politicians respect the people, here, they don’t give a fuck for the people, they just think in more money by the corruption. Is a sad thing.

Q: Okay, this question came to me when I first received the EP, did you guys decide to name the band Blackened after the Metallica song? Also, what are some of your favorite bands? Here is another one relating to the last question in a way, what is your favorite heavy metal album if you could only pick one?

Blackened: Yeah! When we were choosing the name we were thinking in a name that remembers the old school spirit, so we thought, “Blackened” can be pretty good. We like very much bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Violator, Municipal Waste, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Sepultura, Kreator, Descendents, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag and Bad Brains. For J„o (Bass/Vocals) is Master of Puppets, from Metallica , for Jo„o Vitor (Guitars) is Crack the Skye, from Mastodon, for Marcelo (Drums) is Surf Nicaragua, from Sacred Reich and for Ulisses (Guitars) is Rust in Peace, from Megadeth.

Q: I was wondering if you could talk about the music scene in your area. How often do you have the opportunity to play shows?

Blackened: Actually, the music scene is growing a lot here, mainly the thrash scene. We have been playing with bands that influenced us, like Poison Beer, and bands that appeared when we had already started playing, like Evil Exorcist, Murdeath, Rot Remains, and we are very close with them. About the shows, we have one almost every month. People here in the scene try to do everything as possible to make shows, including doing them in their own houses.

Q: Now, touring globally for metal bands is difficult these days unless you are a band like Metallica. However, if you were to tour the world, what are some of the places that you would like to play?

Blackened: I think we would play anywhere people called us haha, that’s pretty much how we have been doing things here in Brazil. We have plans to tour Europe and South America after the release of the full length, but we are really curious to know how Europe is like, since most of the bands get on really well there.

Q: I read in your press kit that you have a new album on the horizon that will be released through the Witches Brew. Is there by chance an exact date as to when the album will be finished and available for ravenous thrash maniacs to own? Also, what formats will you have album available on? CD? Vinyl? 8-Track...probably not.

Blackened: We are going to record it on July probably and we are planning to launch it on mid-October, with 700 copies from Witches Brew, and, for now, only on CD.

Q: Alright guys, thanks again for taking the time to do this interview and keep on thrashing! \m/

Blackened: We thank you very much for doing this interview with us. We’ll keep on playing, because thrash never dies!!!
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