Thursday, July 17, 2014

Powerlord-The Awakening

    Thrash hard, or go home. Powerlord’s 1986 debut release, “The Awakening,” is a perfect representation of what eighties thrash metal was all about.
    This band does not mess around and delivers straight up nonstop aggressive thrash metal. Spawning from Oklahoma, Powerlord looked to take the metal world by storm with their blazing technicality and intense brand of thrash. Unfortunately this band, like many other groups from that eighties period, did not receive the complete recognition that they deserved. Powerlord’s music is just as electrifying and intense as Metallica’s early sound. I guess Powerlord must have not been in the right place at the right time. Now with help from Shadow Kingdom Records, a label that continues to spread the word about many great forgotten metal acts, Powerlord’s the “The Awakening” will be getting rereleased in August. Once again Shadow Kingdom has introduced me to a great lost gem, that I will now try to get all of you interested in checking out.
    In my last paragraph, I compared Powerlord to early Metallica. I feel both bands matched up well in the intense and aggressive sounding department. However, Powerlord’s style is a bit more technical and really explosive at times. The first track on this album, “Masters of Death,” is a ripping piece of music. The furious lead guitar riffs that match the heavy chugging main rhythm create a truly sinister chaotic vibe. You get immediately sucked into this overwhelming technical world of thrash. Powerlord’s singer uses his vicious high vocal range to narrate the evil sounding lyrics. He sounds like a mix between King Diamond and Tom Araya.
    Track two, “Malice,” is another thrash behemoth. The palm muted galloping madness is amazing and well pieced out. Also, the bass and drums lock into this extremely heavy groove as the guitar shreds away. The following track, “Silent Terror,” uses some unique chord variations to create a haunting thrash atmosphere. Again, the lead guitar playing is on fire and the guitarist puts great emphasis on the minor notes.
    “The Invasion of the Lords,” continues the musical assault with a blistering introduction. Very similar to early Slayer, the song really gets your adrenaline pumping. When listening to the final two songs, “Merciless Titans” and “The Awakening(Powerlord),” I was constantly head banging. This band brings plenty of technicality and intensity to the table, and there are no dual moments.
    If you are a wicked galloping guitar riff, double bass drum blasting and extreme screaming vocal fan, Powerlord is the thrash band for you. Hell, I think you might be knocked off your feet by this band’s fierce overall sound. Powerlord’s, “The Awakening,” is how extreme thrash is too be played. When listening to this album you will want to start running around in a circle and breaking chairs. Shadow Kingdom Records delivers yet another great forgotten metal release, that will hopefully inspire younger metal musicians to pick up an instrument and simply, THRASH! \m/

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